Tuesday, August 10, 2010


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Monday, August 9, 2010

Online Driving Tutor

I  just had my first day of driving school earlier which took 2 hours. I was glad my teacher had so much patience teaching me considering i have zero know-how in driving. I was able to get through the class..thank god. I was able to drive around SM City Mall here..and then went on the highway dealing with traffic and traffic lights. Now I have more respect to traffic rules and intelligent driving.
My teacher was Romar, a big nice guy. He did have a nice way in dealing with my anxiety of course. But I salute him for being so patient everytime i accidentally release my foot on the clutch. He told me he has can deal with new students’ usual emotions considering he’s been here for 15 years! that long!
Then that gives me an idea..maybe someday, i could teach driving also and earn from it. It will only take 2 hours of my day plus I get to roam around the city. Hmmm..that’s nice. If I wouldn’t be able to teach, I might as well set up something online to teach those who wish to drive. Something like online tutor that will be accessed by everyone. 


Miles Expiring or dont know what to do with it? We buy your frequent flyer airline mileage – immediate cash payment.
We are a direct buyer, not a mileage broker.
I believe it is best for both parties that we dont have to engage a broker as 3rd party.
Have you or your relatives/friends earned miles or mileage points from Frequent Flyer memberships?
We will buy your miles without any cost nor effort from your end. Receive immediate cash payment and avoid your miles getting forfeited or expired!
Usual miles needed and buying rates (negotiable):
Rates are tax free!
Northwest WORLDPERKS or Delta SKYMILES >>> you get 13,000 pesos for every 30k miles.
- Philippine airlines MABUHAY MILES >>> you get 14,000 pesos for every 30k miles.
- Cathay Pacific ASIAMILES OR MARCO POLO CLUB >>> you get 13,000 pesos for every 30k miles.
- Singapore airlines KRISFLYER >>> you get 13,000 pesos for every 30k miles.
- Continental airlines ONEPASS >>> you get 12,000 pesos for every 30k miles.
- Emirates SKYWARDS >>> you get 13,000 pesos for every 30k miles.
- Air France/KLM FLYING BLUE >>> you get 16,000 pesos for every 45k miles.
- United airlines MILEAGE PLUS >>> you get 14,000 pesos for every 30k miles.
- Thai airways ROYAL ORCHID >>> you get 13,000 pesos for every 40k miles.
- Lufthansa MILES AND MORE >>> you get 16,000 pesos for every 45k miles.
- Qatar airways PRIVILEGE CLUB >>> you get 13,000 pesos for every 35k miles.
>> and many more!
If your mileage balance is below the expected as per above, talk to us so we can discuss and arrange the best way to use it.
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Blog Online

enrn This is the fad nowadays. People like me who writes about anything can actually now make other read their thoughts. It use to b diaries before but not, the internet made ways to make sure that your thoughts are heard by a lot of people. These is coined as BLOGGING.

Blogs, for me, are seen in a new perspective. They are available for everyone for the purpose of self-expression, influence and advertisement.

Yes, you just read my mind. Blogging is the new form of money making. It’s as easy as breathing and advertisers are sure that their products are seen by many people with no much cost on their part. I’m into this and I’m hoping I could earn as much as the rest of the bloggers do. Ciao!